Good Thing They Put That Avengers Movie Ad in Previews, Maybe Now Comic Book Nerds Will Hear About It!

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day where you can go into participating comic book stores and get comic books…for free! They’re free to you but not to the retailers, so please be kind and also purchase something.

So, now Previews. Here we go.

“How does Buffy’s face look?”
“Looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar?”
“How about everything else in the picture?”
(pause) “Buffy’s face looks fine.”

On page 64 there’s a Rex Mundi Omnibus and you should get it. I’m not, because I already have all the trades, but it’s a good story about a conspiracy, a secret, and a crisis in an alternate Europe where magic is real. (Disclosure: Arvid Nelson is a pal of mine, but I didn’t meet him until after Rex Mundi had finished up!)

I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Jeff Parker’s and Erika Moen’s crime comedy Bucko and will be checking out the trade (you can check it out here.)

I swear I am a big old sucker for some of these Showcases. Tales of the Unexpected is one such. A bunch of weirdo short stories from the Silver Age? Don’t mind if I do!

Image comics has a one-shot called Wild Children. Here is the description of it from their own mouth:

The themes behind the controversial HELLBLAZER: “SHOOT” by WARREN ELLIS and PHIL JIMINEZ merge with the attitude of the GRANT MORRISON and PHILIP BOND masterpiece of teenage revolt, KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND, delivering a story of magic, passion, and disinformation.

Note that Warren Ellis, Phil Jiminez, Grant Morrison, and Philip Bond are not the creators of this comic. Nor did the creators of this comic work on Hellblazer: “Shoot” or Kill Your Boyfriend. However, the themes behind those books are found here. That’s some killer ad copy, Image.

They’re not even trying, so I don’t know why I am. They have two Two Things shirts and they glued a bunch of their stupid zombie comics together to make a big paperback. Man, fuck these guys.

So Archaia has book one of Mark Oakley’s Thieves and Kings. Did that series ever conclude? I know Oakley had intended it to be a finite story which is A-OK by me, but I also know that he just stopped doing it and went on to other things. I liked what I read of it, and would read the whole thing if there is a whole thing.

Archie comics, which gave us popular gay character Kevin Keller, is doing a story about the Occupy movement and the class warfare it represents. Folks used to joke about Archie discovering trends a few years past their expiration dates, but these days it’s the only one of the major companies that’s actually interested in talking to kids about the world they live in. Way to go, guys.

It’s a testament to RASL volume 1 that I’m going to get RASL volume 4 even though I own but haven’t read volumes 2 and 3 yet. I swear I will! It just hasn’t happened!

I recently finished How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less by Sarah Glidden and I don’t know if I can pass up Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me by Harvey Pekar. I’m really not that big of an Israel guy, but considering how firmly it’s wedged into American politics, learning more is pretty essential.

Woo! A new Wasteland TPB!

I first heard about Wizzywig way back when, and always meant to order it from Ed Piskor’s website but never got around to it. Now it’s being published by Top Shelf and this time I won’t miss out!

Apparently it’s The Summer of Valiant, but as I said on Twitter:

Two years ago I gave up on 20th Century Boys, because the 11th volume was being solicited and we weren’t even halfway done. This month I could get volume 22…which is still not the end. I made the right choice there.

I am a Doctor Who fan. I have many friends who are Doctor Who fans. I don’t think I know a single one who would buy this.

From the “designer toys” section comes RJ-K5, a “basketball droyd”. It’s made of resin and stands 8″ tall. It costs a hundred bucks. For a hundred bucks, what does it do? It exists. It sits there and reminds you that you spent a hundred bucks on it.

That’s only half as much as the statue of a zombie Stormtrooper because of course we need a zombie Stormtrooper.

And finally, I was all set to make fun of this shirt that says “NERD? I prefer the term Intellectual Badass” because yes, nothing is more “intellectual” and “badass” than consuming niche media and purchasing products based on it, but when I did a Google Image Search on the phrase in order to get a good picture of the shirt, I changed my mind.

Instead I decided to drink.


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