Writing Like the Wind

It was a productive weekend! As you can see from the meter on the right, I am at 13,000 words! Anna owes me a CD! (Looks like it was productive for her as well, she rocketed to over 7000 words!) What’s cool is that I’m at 13K and my other main character JUST got introduced.

(A note on how to read that meter. The red dot along the circumference shows where we are in the month. Remember, the goal is not just to write a novel, but to do it in 30 days. The pointer shows where I am. So at the moment, the pointer is behind the dot, showing that even though I have written a lot, I’m still behind. Yikes!)

We also got started on Christmas shopping this weekend. And while we were at the mall doing that, I discovered that Target and Toys R Us have actually found out that Kenner released some Star Wars figures this year. Despite my previous grousing and swearing to stop getting them, I picked up some new ones. Old habits die hard, and these do look pretty good.

I also picked up my first manga this weekend. My buddy Michael recommended some titles that my character in my novel might like, so while I was in the comic store I looked through the titles. I didn’t pick up any of the ones he suggested (yet), but I did grab one that was highly recommended by the owner of my shop. It’s called ‘Planetes’ and it’s by Makoto Yukimura. I’ll let you know how it is.

We did some leaf raking. Dig this: we now have twenty-five bags of leaves waiting to be taken away by the leaf fairy and (a) we’re not done yet – we probably need about ten more bags, and (b) we’re not even doing the back yard. That’s what we in the business refer to as an assload of leaves.

Saturday night was kind of surprising. We were calmly watching O Brother, Where Art Thou? when Becky noticed that a sky dragon was eating the moon! We immediately ran outside, beating on pots, shouting, and dancing, until it eventually R-U-N-N-O-F-T. That was a narrow escape.

On a different note, my dad broke his hip. He’s doing fine, though. He had surgery, they put a pin in it, and he’s now doing physical therapy. He says there’s no issue of pain, it’s just building up the muscles. Hopefully he’ll be back on his feet in no time.

UPDATE! Anna LIED in her word count! She also broke 10,000! So I owe her a CD as well! We’re kicking tail!

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