A New Chapter in the Fallout d20 Saga

As some of you know and a diminishing number of you care, I’ve been “working” on a pencil-and-paper version of the computer game “Fallout” using the d20 system for about two years. When I say, “working”, I mean mostly “thinking about”. Very little noticeable work has gotten done. This is for a variety of reasons, premier of which is the fact that I’m lazy.

(Which reminds me. Yesterday I remembered a conversation between Jeff and I back in college:
Jeff: Whatcha doing?
Me: Nothing.
Jeff: Wish I had nothing to do.
Me: I didn’t say I had nothing to do, I said I was doing nothing.)

About every eight months or so I suddenly decide I’m going to work on this alleged project of mine. Well, the eight month timer just went off and I’m pleased to announce the latest development:


It’s a Developer’s Log! Now I’ll get WAY more work done! At least, I won’t have the excuse that updating the site takes too long. I’ve filled it with stuff I had down already, more or less, and will hopefully be putting more into it. I’m going to try and take each section a step at a time.

Anyway, if you still have vestigial interest in this project, be sure to check it out!

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