Denise Richard Comments

First off, the title up there is meant to declare that these are comments about Denise Richards being or not being my cousin, not comments from Ms. Richards herself. She is strangely quiet on the subject.

Second, unlike some people, I will protect the identity of the people who made these comments, in case they are deep-cover CIA operatives. I would not want to jeopardize their lives and work.

That out of the way, the results of Wolf Blitzer’s online poll about the possibility of Denise Richards being my cousin showed that a whopping 73% believed that this was not the case. I thank Uncle Wolf and CNN for their help in conducting this poll.

Letters poured in on this topic. One fan writes:

For what it’s worth, the last time we saw Denise Richards on TV [my wife] and I both said she was looking rather old and that she might be in her 40s. This may be your chance to get in on the ground floor of an Urban Legend.

Ouch! Well I must admit she’s looking a bit worn, but remember this is a woman dealing with Charlie Sheen on a regular basis. That can’t be healthy.

Another reader writes:

Well, IMDB says that Denise is the daughter of Irv and Joni Richards, formerly of Chicago, who moved to Oceanside, CA when Denise was 15. There’s no listing of an Irv or Irving in Oceanside, though there is an Irv in Riverside, CA, which is a suburb of LA and a long way from Oceanside. His
number is 909-xxx-xxxx. There’s another Riverside listing for an Irving: 909-xxx-xxxx. There are a couple of J Richards in Oceanside: 760-xxx-xxxx and 760-xxx-xxxx.

Nice detective work there! I suppose I could call those people and see what I can find out. What do you folks think?

And finally, this letter:

My mom had a cousin named Shoup who had lost two fingers to a snapping turtle but that doesn’t really clear up your Denise Richards issue.

No, but I never pass up the opportunity to spread the word about the need for proper safety precautions around snapping turtles.

Turtles Can Hurt(les)!

Thanks for your comments, kind readers. I’ll keep you updated on any further developments regarding this story.

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