Talk Like a Pirate!

Yarr! As ye no doubt be aware, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day. Every September 19th, it be right an’ proper to remember our shared Pirate heritage. All of us be descended from scurvy seadogs, and even if ye aren’t, it be kind of like St. Paddy’s day — on this day, all be pirates!

So talk like a Pirate! Don’t be actin’ like a pirate now – lootin’, killin’, and pillagin’ are no longer as acceptable as they once were. But ye can walk a plank, wear an eyepatch, download some mp3s, or simply have a grog and think of all yer pirate kin that have gone down to Davy Jones’ Locker. Yarr!

But be pityin’ me, ye swabbies. I be havin’ to call ye bilge-rats at me old bank and get me doubloons in an old IRA rolled over into my new IRA. And I be havin’ to do this on Talk Like a Pirate Day. I thinks some scalawag’s gonna get keel-hauled before this is all over…

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