Tweak Tweak

This weekend I made some changes to the blog layout and features. More will be coming as I get to them.

I thought about changing the template altogether, but every time I think about doing that, I realize how simple my existing template is and how it does pretty much everything I want it to do, so I end up sticking with it. Still, it could use some freshening up.

See if you can tell me what the most obvious change is. What’s that? I can’t hear you! Ha ha fooled you, I took out the comments. This was a change that’s been coming for a while now. For some time the comments have been under-utilized; people just don’t comment much these days. This is also something of my fault; I don’t respond much to comments because I’m usually not that interested in a discussion anyway. So what’s the point of having them? I’ll open them from time to time should a post warrant it, but for the most part they’re gone.

Besides, the last comment I got — and the only one in the past two weeks or so — was someone commenting on my Lego color sorter with just “faszság” which is Hungarian for “shit” (a Hungarian Lego blog linked to it) and can you think of a better note to end on?

I tidied up the menu bar at the top, which I don’t think many people even notice is there anyway, pulling out things not even I was interested in having links to and adding a few things that should have been added a while back.

The sidebar also got some clean-up work. I got rid of a bunch of button links (those are SO mid-oughts) and will probably do something with the remaining ones. I also added the Time Machine Go! section which shows you where this blog was in the past. (Once I hit the ten year mark in July, that will be the next option there.)

Some other stuff happened under the hood. Delicious posts now have a category: Delicious. Previously they didn’t have one at all, yet were not in the “Uncategorized” category, since they get posted in a way that bypasses WordPress’ usual methods. It took some work, but now they not only all belong to their own category, they will also get added to it when they get posted.

Like I say, more stuff is coming, though a lot of the other things on the to-do list won’t be that noticeable. Tags need to be fixed, I’d like to have a more powerful search feature that actually works, and there are some issues to be ironed out with the Time Machine. But I’ve made good progress.

If there’s anything I’d really like to bring attention to it’s the Check It page, where I have a bunch of links to past and ongoing project. Do “check it”, won’t you?

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