To Be In Our Group, You Have to Reeeeallllly Hate the Republicans!

Here’s an article about last night’s “debate” among the various Democratic Presidential hopefuls:

Democrats take aim at Bush during debate

Gentlemen (and Lady), we all know you think Bush sucks. I’m glad you think he sucks. I think he sucks too. And you, being Democrats, are supposed to think he sucks. So we’re all in agreement on the Bush sucking issue. Fantastic.

In that case, mind telling me how you propose to not suck? You folks are running for President. Of the United States. It’s fine for me and my buddies to sit around griping about Bush, but we don’t expect anyone to vote for us.

Let’s get it in gear, people. A man who has spent the last few years making sure that people who have tons of money want him in power is about to run against you. Clubhouse meetings where you high-five yourselves for not being Republicans are not going to cut it. The public is starting to turn against this regime — if you don’t have anything to offer except smarmy remarks about Osama bin Ladin’s whereabouts, you will squander this momentum. You cannot afford to sit back and coast at any point — that’s what Al Gore did and it lost him the election.

And you shouldn’t need some goofball blogger telling you this.

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