Let’s See if He Finds His Way Here: A Previews Post

In a just world, I wouldn’t be allowed to buy any more comics. I’m way behind on all of them, and my to-read stack is now required by OSHA to have guard rails on it.

But ours is not a just world.

As long as they keep making Hellboy and BPRD books, I’ll keep getting them, so Hell on Earth: Russia goes in the order.

Over at DC, that Before Watchmen foolishness is starting up. I like Watchmen as much as the next guy, but I don’t know why this is such a travesty, simply unnecessary.

Hey kids, comics!

Deathstroke #10 is a dark, gritty examination into the underground world of bait-and-switch as the book is taken over by Rob Liefeld and now has Lobo in it.

Among the many unread comics I have are several volumes of Showcase Presents. They are probably getting bored with each other, so let’s add Rip Hunter: Time Master to the mix!

No Antarctic Corner this month. Oh, it’s the usual garbage (apparently they think there’s some crossover between Grateful Dead fans and nerds who will buy anything zombie) but nothing really stands out as being exceptionally worse than usual.

Besides, nothing Antarctic could possibly come up with would beat this.

Yes, That Fucking Asshole has decided that the market is ripe for a comics magazine. Bravely moving from digital to print because fuck trees and also because someone at DC told him that print magazines are huge right now, the world gets something it never asked for. The mag promises news and scoops about your favorite comics companies, only weeks after you read about them online and in a format you’ve got to figure out what to do with after you’re done! Expect hard-hitting muckracking from a pathetic wretch who wants to be loved too much to rake any actual muck.

Appropriately, the first issue focuses on the rise of Valiant comics (they actually mean the anticipated re-rise). These are definitely two business ventures that deserve one another.

Back to things that deserve to exist, Beta Testing the Apocalypse by Tom Kaczynski looks promising. It’s a collection of stories on social architecture, a topic I never realized I’d be interested in until I read comics that touched on it.

I have to say, I read the absolute hell out of Alien: The Illustrated Story when I was a kid. (I also had a sort of foto-novel of the movie that just “disappeared” one day — I suspect my mom discovered it and had a hand in that. What’s weird is that not only did I never see my copy again, I’ve never seen a copy of it again.) I don’t particularly need a $75 special edition of it, but the softcover version might be nice to have, as I don’t think I still have my original one.

Sorry, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen III, this is where I get off. (And you too, probably, several times per page.)

This Serenity Bank Heist Money Pack gives Firefly fans a unique opportunity to exchange real money for fake money!

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