They Purport, We Deride.

First off, howls of derisive laughter to FOX News, for spectacularly failing at their attempt to stop the distribution of Al Franken’s Book, Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right. You can read about it here (it’s the NY Times, so use ‘slashbot/slashbot’ to read it) but the gist of the article is that the Judge called the suit ridiculous and everyone laughed at FOX’s lawyers and their goofy arguments. Seriously.

One round of laughter was prompted when Judge Chin asked, “Do you think that the reasonable consumer, seeing the word `lies’ over Mr. O’Reilly’s face would believe Mr. O’Reilly is endorsing this book?”

The giggling continued as Dori Ann Hanswirth, a lawyer for Fox, replied, “To me, it’s quite ambiguous as to what the message is here.”

She continued, “It does not say `parody’ or `satire.’ ”

Ho ho! Those nutty nuts! Anyway, it’s not completely over yet, so I’m still ‘Fair and Balanced’ for a while.

One thing before we leave this article, though. I love how the Times describes Franken as, “writer and performer and an unabashed liberal.” Unabashed? How odd that Mr. Franken seems to not be embarrassed at all about his liberal views!

But on to items of far more substance. Let’s talk about the Environmental Protection Agency. Now, please bear with me, as for the rest of this article, I’m going to pretend like the EPA is not a pointless organization. Rest assured that I fully realize that the number one group the environment needs protection from is corporations, and since fish and trees can’t lobby or make huge campaign contributions, we know how that conflict will always turn out.

There’s the “news” that the EPA was pressured to lie about the air quality around the WTC attack site by the Bush administration. Can you believe it? The Bush administration getting people to lie to support its claims? (That was satire, FOX News.)

The second EPA story is this: Bush is planning to help the environment, by way of the EPA, through two proposals on the block, that you can read about here. (Warning: this source is non-American, so it may say shocking things about our country’s leaders that readers of the American press may not be used to.) As is standard operating procedure for this Administration, the Clean Air Act is being used to pollute the air and the Healthy Forests Initiative is going to expand logging rights. Since it’s not labeled “satire,” I can only assume the Bush truly does think that relaxing pollution controls makes the air cleaner.

(And just so I maintain my Fair and Balanced reputation, don’t think I’m unaware that Clinton’s environmental record was equally terrible.)

It’s been a busy week for Bush’s supporters. In addition to pretending that they care about the environment, they’ve also been sending a new piece of astroturf to newspaper editors around the country. If you’ve read a letter to the editor lately praising Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program (you’d remember it – it would be the only text you’d ever read praising this act), then congratulations, your newspaper fell for it and printed scripted GOP Team Leader propaganda as a genuine citizen’s letter! Thankfully, the Springfield Republican didn’t fall for it. Looks like Bush Jr. is looking to be the same quality “Education president” ad Bush Sr. was.

And finally, although we now know that our attack on Iraq wasn’t about weapons of mass destruction, you must remember that when we find something suspicious, it suddenly WAS about WMDs. However, like the barrels of chemicals and the mobile vans, these pilotless drones have turned out to be not a smoking gun after all. Sorry guys. We’re back to the war being not about WMDs, but about making the world safe from terrorists.


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