Welcome Visitors!

Holey Moley have we had a lot of visitors lately! The guest bedroom, while still needing a coat of paint, got set up and broken in by a bunch of our friends and family. The visitors, in order, were:

April and John. Since I was working, Becky mainly went sight-seeing with them, and they checked out the Gilette Castle and State Park, the Emily Dickinson homestead in Amherst (including Emily’s grave), dinosaur footprints in Holyoke, Edith Wharton’s homestead (“The Mount”) in the Berkshires, the Dr. Seuss statues here in Springfield, the Mark Twain house (not pictured), and a foggy Mount. Holyoke. Photos can be seen here. April and John also made a side trip to Boston, Concord, and Salem, places we hope to see ourselves soon!

Amy, Nigel, and Daniel stopped by for half a day next. We had breakfast at Memo’s in West Springfield, followed by a trip to the Seuss Memorial (rapidly becoming a favorite place to take visitors!). They were coming back from Northampton, and the nuptial ceremony of Beth and Mark! Congrats, folks!

My Dad then came to town, and we went all over the place with him! We revisited the Gilette Castle (I got to see it this time), we checked out bookstores in Northampton, Holyoke and environs, did the Seuss Memorial, stopped in the Yankee Candle Company, revisited Mount Holyoke (this time the fog had lifted and we could actually see things!) and then he and Becky went to the Magic Wings Butterfly House in Deerfield. You can see some photos of his visit here. We also enjoyed playing games, watching ‘Monk’ and generally visiting together.

No sooner had Dad flown back to Louisiana, when Anne and Sydney arrived! They got to see the Forest Park Zoo, the Seuss Memorial, and the Eric Carle Museum, and then went to Northampton to visit the newlyweds there. Photos of their experiences can be seen here.

Sydney spent a good deal of time playing with two small red potatoes and climbing the stairs. Anne relaxed with a martini and became the first guest to sample the exotic pleasures of the jacuzzi tub. (She also provided new bath accessories to enhance the tub experience!)

The very day Anne returned to Cincinnati, some of her fellow Ohioans, Jay and Zina, stopped by for lunch on their way to Boston. This was our first time meeting Zina, and since Zina loved the house, Becky loves Zina. (Zina is only an honorary Ohioan, incidentally, but she’s engaged to Jay, and that’s good enough for us.) For the record, we did not take them to the Seuss Memorial. We did, however, feed them bacon.

Whew! It’s so nice to be in a place where we really have a wide variety of things nearby to show people, and the space for them to stay comfortably while visiting. We enjoyed all of our guests and hope they had a good time as well.

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