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3 Responses to This Delicious Week

  1. damanoid says:

    Actually I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Waldo-finder is not cool, because finding Waldo by yourself is the whole point. There’s probably a program that could solve those tedious crossword puzzles for you, too.

    “Controversial Anti-Obama Sticker?” Really. Somehow I suspect that Forbes would report a Klan lynching on the White House lawn as “controversial.”

  2. fishstix says:

    Maybe Mathematica can help you find the point, damanoid.

  3. damanoid says:

    Well possibly I did miss the point; if so I humbly retract the observation. I freely admit that math is beyond me. I thought I had a fairly good handle on the concept of “Where’s Waldo,” though.