The Great Big Book of Tomorrow

I have another geek-oriented entry regarding comic books, but I’ll save that for later and instead talk about what I’m reading now, which is The Great Big Book of Tomorrow by Tom Tomorrow (a/k/a Dan Perkins), a collection of “This Modern World” cartoons and related work.

It was a birthday gift from Dave T., and I thank him for it. I’ve been having a great time reading it. I really enjoy “This Modern World” and Tom’s blog, which I’ve linked to numerous times. If you enjoy the strip, the book is highly recommended.

It’s also interesting to look back at the issues he was discussing. Pretty much the same issues as now. The faces may change (often they don’t) but the big picture stays the same. It can all be summarized by this: The political process and the government has been hijacked from the majority of Americans and now serves only the interests of a wealthy and powerful few. The sad part is, nobody denies this, they simply argue that serving that wealthy and powerful few will benefit everyone, even though it never does.

Is it any wonder that so many people have become disillusioned with the entire system and opt not to participate? It’s very tough to argue that it really matters which corporate-backed white Christian man you pick to ignore your needs. But I suppose you have to do something. The lesser of two evils may still be evil, but it’s also lesser. If that’s not a stirring call to political action, I don’t know what is.

Tom might be left-wing (if feeling that corporations should have some modicum of responsibility and medical care should probably not be decided by middleman insurers is enough to qualify as “left wing” these days) but Clinton and Gore are not spared. Unlike other groups (such as the Democratic Party), Tom recognizes that Clinton and Gore may have occasionally talked like Democrats, but their records speak otherwise. No idea why the Republicans hate Clinton so much when he practically gave them everything they wanted, including the Democratic Party.)

It’s a fun read, in a sort of “if we didn’t laugh, we’d cry” way. Tom’s writing is sharp, his satire is spot-on, and his humor is hilarious. If, after a while, you find yourself saying, “Christ, how many more times is he going to talk about single-payer health care, supply-side economics, or corporate hypocrisy?” well, blame that on his targets. They’re the ones that keep trying to push the same junk on us time and time again. Sure, Tom is largely preaching to the converted here, but if there’s going to be a voice crying in the wilderness, it may as well be an entertaining and enlightened one.

The Great Big Book of Tomorrow can be ordered through this link. You can learn more about the comic at the This Modern World website.

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