Celebrating Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, the Cow that Changed Chicago Forever!

I wasn’t sure the latest DCBS box was going to get to me before I left (more on that tomorrow) but it landed on my porch yesterday afternoon. In it were Athos in America by Jason, Goliath by Tom Gauld, and Previews! So let’s take a look at that last one.

Even though I am two TPBs behind, Usagi Yojimbo vol 26 will get ordered.

I’m not going to get the Skeleton Key Color Special but I’m glad to see it back, as I really enjoyed Skeleton Key back in the day.

I hate this dude’s art. Every cover of his I see creeps me the hell out.

I’m a little curious about Showcase Presents: Showcase Vol 1. I certainly love Silver Age goofiness, but I’m not sure what all is in this. I’ll have to look it up and see what I’m getting with this one. I already have the Adam Strange archives, and The Flash is not really a big dr–wait, there’s a whole issue about Fire Fighters? Sold!

Fact: Star Trek: The Next Generation pretty much ripped off the Cybermen when they gave us the Borg.

Fact: The Borg are actually much better than the Cybermen, and the new series should have swiped a little back.

Fact: They didn’t, and the new Cybermen are just as lame and pointless.

Fact: I’m not getting this.

This month the worst publisher presents:

It’s a TWO THINGS shirt featuring another comic company’s hot character.

Antarctic Press, folks!

2000 AD has a big ol Rogue Trooper collection and it shall be mine. Rogue Trooper is about a guy who wanders around while his gear talks to him. As my pal Nigel pointed out, this is the same premise as Dora the Explorer. If your child is a big Dora fan, why not get him or her some Rogue Trooper?

Top Shelf presents The Lovely Horrible Stuff, a history of money by the illustrious Eddie Campbell, and I’ll be getting it.

I already have a copy but if you don’t, I highly, highly recommend Paul Auster’s City of Glass, with art by David Mazzucchelli. It’s a great adaptation of a great book that combines detectives, existentialism, language, and semiotics.

Okay, soapbox time. Page 326 is a full page: VALIANT RETURNS 2012. A couple pages later we get a stirring hagiography of Valiant comics. “In 1992…an upstart independent company…forever chang[ed] the comics landscape…” They talk about how dynamic and fresh Valiant’s books were, and how readers jumped on in numbers ne’er before seen! And then they talk about how now, 20 years later, they’re poised for a comeback.

So, umm…what happened in between? Well, there was a thing where the entire comics market bottomed out, where sales fueled solely by speculation suddenly dried up and stores had to figure out a way to unload many many copies of books that suddenly nobody wanted. Many stores didn’t figure out a way to do this and went under. The market crash nearly destroyed the entire industry, and one of the companies at the center of it was Valiant.

Sure, they did have some quality stuff. But it’s a toss-up whether Image’s “Wetworks” or Valiant’s “Turok” were the most absurdly hyped books in the bubble market (appropriately, the Image/Valiant “Deathmate” crossover is seen as the death knell of the 90’s comics boom.)

So here’s to you, Valiant, and I hope you put out some good books in 2012 and entertain a lot of folks and make some cash. But all that shit was only 20 years ago, so let’s not pretend it didn’t happen, okay?

All right, on to other things!

Several years ago I was thinking about Wally Wood, the silver age artist who I actually knew best from my dad’s old Mad magazines. What happened to him, I wondered. Well, the answer to that question isn’t a happy one: he was putting out porn comics and battling alcoholism until he shot himself. That’s a pretty miserable fate for such a fantastic artist. I don’t know why I told you that, but I’ll be getting Wally Wood: Strange Worlds of Science Fiction and poring over every detailed image.

Well, that’s a downer of a note to end on, sorry.

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3 Responses to Celebrating Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, the Cow that Changed Chicago Forever!

  1. T. Derscheid says:

    Are there ANY Silver Age artists that didn’t get screwed sideways?

    I re-read part of Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory this weekend and the Terrible Time Tailor creeps me out.

  2. Dan Coyle says:

    The Cybermen had no real reason to exist in the current WHO, and still don’t. That their return episode also doubled as a shitty episode of Sliders made it even worse.

    I have a feeling Moffat doesn’t care for them much either. I mean, he let Gareth Roberts job them to CRAIG.