In Which I am a Representative of Hateful Liberal Intolerance

Yesterday Andrew Breitbart got upgraded from “Conservative blowhard” to “controversial figure” in one easy step: he died. Suddenly places like MediaMatters and @LOLGOP were issuing statements about how they didn’t agree with him but he certainly had to be admired for his strong convictions. Even the usually fiery Matt Taibbi softened his article with an, “aw shucks, you gotta love the guy!” tone.


I had this to say.

I don’t have many followers on Twitter, and most of the ones I do have are spammers and joke accounts of friends. That particular tweet got a whopping 3 retweets. Nevertheless, I somehow ended up on a list of liberals celebrating the death of Andrew Breitbart at the Washington Examiner.

I’m not much of a party person, I admit, but even by my low standards I’d hardly call my tweet a “celebration”. What it was was, “not mourning”. I didn’t get up and dance a little jig, or wave my Liberal flag (it’s a yellow flag with a burning US flag on it, and they’re traditionally paid for with tax dollars from red states), or prepare my dancing shoes for a graveyard shuffle. My friends and I discussed this as we would any other celebrity death and then moved on to talking about this stupid “Inspector Spacetime” thing.

I had no idea about the Examiner’s list until someone brought it to my attention late last night. By then it had circulated to a bunch of wingnut blogs and the Death Star of the right-wing online empire, Free Republic, where me and the other folks were presented as examples of the hateful, intolerant left.

I’m going to give you a second to let that sink in.

Andrew Breitbart made a living being hateful and intolerant. His websites were nothing but frothing, sputtering anger at anything that he didn’t like, and he didn’t just write about it, he sent his toady, James O’Keefe, to destroy his enemies. The right wing decided that ACORN was some kind of Black Illuminati and Breitbart and O’Keefe went in and took it down. They tried to do the same thing with NPR but were unsuccessful. Breitbart got a bug up his ass about an unknown USDA official, posted heavily edited video of her, and got her fired. His last tweet before he died involved calling someone a putz. When Ted Kennedy died, Breitbart did, in fact, celebrate, and didn’t know why he shouldn’t. “Why do you grant a BULLY special status upon his death?” he asked. Good question there, Andy.

Apparently, even though this guy made it his life’s work to lash out and destroy things that had personally done him no harm, yet he was politically outraged by, we were all supposed to doff our hats and shed a tear at his untimely passing (he was the same age as me, by the way.) Failure to do so was vile, sickening celebration of the man’s death, a symptom of the derangement prevalent among the looney left.

As I’ve said before, in the right-wing mind, not only are you supposed to not complain if they punch you repeatedly in the face, you’re also supposed to admit you deserved it, compliment them on their punching, and show concern if their hand hurts afterwards. Anything less and you’re being an intolerant hypocrite.

Here’s some news for the right wing: tolerance isn’t what you think it is. Asking you to treat gay, female, black, and Muslim people like human beings is not the same as asking you to fix a sandwich for the guy who’s robbing your house and ask him if he needs a ride anywhere. Tolerance doesn’t mean you roll over and let attackers attack you.

The problem with liberals is not that they’re intolerant, but that they’re too tolerant. They always want to be polite and compromising and respectful, even when dealing with opponents who want to — often literally — see them destroyed in as humiliating a manner possible. They don’t even bring a knife to a gunfight, they bring flowers. They worry and fret about offending people who take delight in hating, bullying, oppressing, mocking, and embarrassing others.

Maybe saying “good riddance” to a giant, bloviating asshole was impolite and intolerant. If any of Breitbart’s family are bikini girls promising sex or fake superheroes who cuss and therefore saw my tweet about him, I suppose I’m sorry? But I’ll be damned if I’m going to rend my garments in pretend distress over losing this poisonous shitheel, or even praise his devoted activism towards wrecking democracy. I’m not even going to compliment him on what a splendid, hilarious asshole he was just so I can spare his adorers — many of whom I’m sure have prided themselves on being the biggest asshole in the Internet room on occasion — the pain of having to see someone not openly weeping for this tragic loss. I’m going to “tell it like it is”: he helped poison the country where I live and we are better off without him.

God fucking help us when Limbaugh finally kicks it.

(UPDATE: Andrew has a suitable companion piece here.)

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18 Responses to In Which I am a Representative of Hateful Liberal Intolerance

  1. Chris says:

    When Reagan died, everyone at Air America Radio made the decision to not speak ill of the guy. They agreed that this kind of negative Schadenfreude was not helpful, and most likely harmful. Except Mark Maron who when returning from each commercial break shouted, “Happy Dead Reagan Day!”

    Andrew Breitbart was not a private individual who spent his time letting others live and let live. He celebrated the death of Ted Kennedy and tweeted about the late Senator as a sack of shit.

    If you want a good read about the appropriate protocol on those who passed, read Glen Greenwald’s article on Christoher Hitchens.

  2. you suck hard says:

    hope you die next you pile of shit,if i can help let me know,i’ll put a bullet in your pea sized brain.
    fucking fagot

  3. T. Derscheid says:

    Welcome to our illiterate, anonymous cowards joining us at a civil discussion already in progress!

  4. Mike Monaco says:

    Could not agree with you more (Dave, not the troll who commented below Chris).

  5. pronoblem says:

    I do just prefer to keep my mouth shut and simply pray that folks like Breitbart, Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, etc simply just “go away”. Mostly because I don’t want anyone to confuse me as a liberal. Also, if it really is a sin to mock the dead then I don’t want to go to hell… fuck, I might just end up with Andrew Breitbart as a roommate.

  6. lankyguy says:

    I could not agree more. People walking on eggshells pretending to care about a dead persons feelings is ludicrous.

  7. Lee says:

    I agree with you. There’s no reason to celebrate his death, nor to have actively prayed for it as conservatives have done for Obama. But I am not the least bit sorry (except for his family, who as fellow human beings deserve that consideration); and I am relieved that someone who did much ill in the world will no longer be doing so.

  8. MichaelD says:

    Breitbart was a dick. I’m just surprised he didn’t die of a stroke while screaming at some Occupy gathering.

  9. Ekimus says:

    Amen. Good riddence Breitbart.

  10. His Shadow says:

    Excellent article. I could flail away for hours and not come up with as straightforward and succinct dissection of right wing hypocrisy as this.

  11. Bill says:

    Come on now. At least be honest about the Shirley Sherrod blow up. The video was edited prior to his receiving it, The NAACP had the full video and didn’t do anything to set the record straight and the current administration jumped on her QUICK for a resignation.

    Breitbart is to ACORN/NPR is what MediaMatters is to Beck. So it’s all a matter of perspective but the real comedy is when people on one side refuse to see they act exactly the same as their perceived foes on the other. So you have no moral high ground.

  12. Dave says:

    You’re right. Me tweeting that the US is better off without Andrew Breitbart is pretty much exactly the same as Breitbart attacking and trying to dismantle NPR.

  13. Bill says:

    No one said that and I have no clue where you came up with it. I am simply pointing out you’re decrying someone on the right trying to “dismantle” something that leans left when the left does it as well. Unless of course you’re implying it’s legit for a left leaning person/institution but never for anything right leaning.

    “The problem with liberals is not that they’re intolerant, but that they’re too tolerant.”

    Unless you disagree with them it seems.

  14. Dave says:

    “The problem with liberals is not that they’re intolerant, but that they’re too tolerant.”

    Unless you disagree with them it seems.

    So what do you propose? How should I and the rest of the left be more tolerant?

  15. Bill says:

    “So what do you propose? How should I and the rest of the left be more tolerant?”

    Shouldn’t that be something you ask of yourself? Hell, we should all ask ourselves that from time to time. As for myself, it’s a journey and hopefully I am improving every day.

  16. Ben says:

    “Come on now. At least be honest about the Shirley Sherrod blow up.”

    Yeah, let’s be FAIR to Andrew Breitbart and not try to twist the event around in a way that makes him look bad. He was simply misled by a doctored video and that makes him a victim.

    “Breitbart is to ACORN/NPR is what MediaMatters is to Beck.”

    This is a false equivalence and I bet you know it.