This Used to Be the Future: Deadly Prey!/The Survivors

Welcome to the exciting world of The Future! I’m your host, Dave Lartigue, and I’ll be taking you on an exciting and educational journey into the time to come! Sit back, pull up a cosmo chair, pour a space drink, and enjoy!

I have something very special for you today, kids! A TWO-FOR-ONE SPECIAL! Two short stories with a common theme from the same comic book!

The first item on our program is DEADLY PREY. A fifteen-line caption box explains that Lance Tuttle is the third guy to visit the newly-discovered planet of Anananumum, and the first two never returned! It’s supposed to be a harmless planet, but Tuttle has his guard up! We open with Tuttle, ray-gun drawn, approaching a rock that he hears a sound behind.

It’s a girl! Tuttle’s afraid he hit her too hard and killed her, so he does what anyone would do in this situation:

She wakes up and recognizes Tuttle as being from Earth. She then escorts him to the other Earthmen who have come there, Coogan and Robeller. On the way they encounter a creature which Tuttle shoots with his ray gun. This stray bit of action reveals that the still-unnamed girl isn’t from this planet! It turns out she is from a group of “survivors” (she neglects to mention what they survived.)

She then immediately explains that there were 26 survivors. Among them were four men, who hooked up with four of the women. Then the three Earthmen arrived (there’s a third one that hasn’t been mentioned up until now) and they each got themselves a bride, leaving 15 eligible young lady-aliens!

Fortunately for Tuttle,

Seriously, Tuttle has not only done nothing to indicate he’s looking for a girlfriend, he’s already socked this woman twice and still doesn’t know her name.

Tuttle and the girl make their way to where the others are located and he meets up with the missing explorers, all happily settled into this new community. Robeller greets him and, for no reason, assures Tuttle that he won’t be put to work immediately, as he’s got courting to do!

What has befallen these Earthmen? What odd power do these alien sirens have over them, that they suddenly drop everything and give in to the girls’ romantic whims? What is the secret of the titular Deadly Prey?

Beats me. Tuttle marries the girl and they start building a new society there on the planet Anananumum, THE END.

Really, that’s it.


Okay, let’s move on to THE SURVIVORS!

Earth is under attack, maybe? There’s a big spaceship headed towards Earth and no one knows who it is! Earth sends out its defenses, but the already-damaged intruder blasts them to bits! Relax, though, the Earth pilots are fine!

The invader crash lands in the desert and members of the Earth Defense Force approach it cautiously, wondering what the alien creatures inside will look like. They enter the ship and suddenly a laser blast lands near them. But when they turn to see who fired,

The lady explains that a neighboring planet prevented the Jeddarites from contacting Earth in the past. She doesn’t say anything about the spaceships she shot down or the laser beam she fired at them a moment ago. All she wants to know is — will they help the Jeddarites repair their ship?

The response?

Kissing! THE END!

Yes sir, those are two fine, fine stories. And what company do we have to thank for these little gems?

Ah, Charlton. It all makes sense now. The lack of sense, that is.

“Deadly Prey/The Survivors”
Space Adventures #54 (Charlton, November 1963)
Writer: Unknown
Penciler: Bill Molno
Inker: Unknown (possibly Bill Molno)
Editor: Pat Masulli

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4 Responses to This Used to Be the Future: Deadly Prey!/The Survivors

  1. Andrew Weiss says:

    Just two of the roughly one billion Charlton sci-fi stories which ended in makeout sessions!

  2. damanoid says:

    Man, I wonder what the letters column must have been like.

    “Dear Charlton,

    I just wanted to write to tell you that the newest issue of ‘Space Adventures’ was the first thing I read all week! I was impressed by the way in which you showed people having adventures, in space. I really like stories about five pages long, with colors. However, sometimes the faces are made of lines that don’t always go down to show the feet area. Do you have cats? I have to wear mittens. How many trees are there?

    Bye for now,
    The End”

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  4. sm says:

    love your blog. make it more regular