Yarr, mateys! I be all in a pirate mood! Not only have I been making compilation tapes using pirated mp3s, we also went to go see The Pirates of the Caribbean last night. It was a lot of fun, though I do agree with critics who say there was no need for it to go on so long. Johnny Depp was a hoot…in fact everyone really came to play (except, maybe, the woman, who was certainly okay, but not nearly as caught up in the whole thing as she should have been.) If you see only one movie this summer featuring Johnny Depp as a drunken Christina Aguilera as a pirate captain, make it this one!

The event we saw the movie for was Becky’s birthday! Woohoo! Happy birthday, Becky! Other recent birthdays were Dave T and Anna.

This weekend we get the first in a string of all kinds of guests coming to see us. The Middeljanses are heading up to Chez Mancer, to be followed by my dad and then Anne and Sydney. It’s going to be a busy time here, but we’re looking forward to it.

I haven’t been doing much political ranting here, because frankly, there’s only so many ways to pretend to be surprised that the administration has lied to us. I alarmed that the Democratic Leadership Council (not the same as the Democratic National Committee) is warning candidates not to be “too liberal” by opposing the war and the tax cuts. Guys, if you want to help out the Democrats AND get the kind of candidate you want, best thing you can do is join the Republicans. You can get the so-called “moderate” candidate you want and help to split their party.

Not much else going on up here. Mainly work. I’m trying to hook up with a role-playing gaming group and not having much luck. (To be fair, one guy did invite me into a Forgotten REalms D&D campaign, but I’m kind of burned out on D&D at the moment, so I declined.) That’s fine, I’ve got some other projects I can work on instead, but it would be really nice to start making some connections. Work’s going well — after my initial problems (caused by Verizon), I’m running full blast and getting a lot done.

Wow, what a dull update! But an update, ne’ertheless! Yarr!

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