Tread Cautiously for the Cure

The Susan G. Komen Foundation — source of all that pink stuff that moves a little bit of money towards fighting breast cancer — has withdrawn its grants to Planned Parenthood, money that went towards breast exams. Komen says this is because of an investigation that anti-abortion Republicans in Congress are doing into Planned Parenthood. The investigation hasn’t been done yet, and there’s no evidence that what they want to find (government money used to fund abortions) will be found, but that’s enough for Komen to pull the plug on vital funds.

It’s probably not a coincidence that the Foundation’s Senior Vice President for Public Policy is Karen Handel, a “pro-life” conservative who’s had it in for Planned Parenthood for some time. And it’s also been a problem for Komen that idiot “pro-life” groups have them on no-fly lists because of their contributions to Planned Parenthood. This is a way for Komen to get some of that sweet sweet Christian cash.

As usual, “pro-life” refers solely to fetuses, not to mothers, women, babies, or children. Pregnant? Don’t you dare get an abortion because life is sacred but after the kid’s born, get bent. Pay for pre-natal care for the child we’re making you have? Ha, don’t be ridiculous. Don’t like it, don’t get pregnant, and by the way we’re also trying to ban contraceptives and actual useful sex ed.

It’s tempting to look at this as just another day in the Republican Party, making sure women are nothing but breeding machines, but honestly, that’s just lagniappe. This is all about taking down all social services. It’s another step towards ensuring that health and security are only for the wealthy (and whomsoever they choose to bestow it upon) and that being poor and sick is simply a sign of your moral failings.

It also continues the constant mission of the Republican Party: ensuring cheap labor. As I keep saying, the current level of unemployment is not a problem for Corporate America, it’s a solution. Planned Parenthood’s crime is not just providing abortions (a very small percentage of what it does) but providing health care in general to poor people. If poor people want mammograms or pap smears they can go get a job which will provide them with whatever the cheapest health care their employer will pay for and still dig in for ever-rising co-payments, assuming the job doesn’t cut them off at 39 hours a week so they’re not “full time” and thus ineligible for such magnanimous gestures. But we’ll still need you to come in off the clock this week to help out with inventory — don’t like it, there’s the door.

You cannot pretend to care about the health of women and do something like this. Planned Parenthood represents many women’s only access to any kind of preventative health care. It’s a disgraceful move on Komen’s part.

There are other groups fighting cancer that would like to have your money, but why not help out more by donating straight to Planned Parenthood? In fact, you can make a gift in honor of someone else here, and they’ll send an acknowledgement to someone. Someone like, for example, Susan G. Komen, 5005 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX, 75244. Just sayin.

(Credit to Mr. Bryant Paul Johnson for this post’s title.)

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