Unity Games on Feb 4!

Unity Games, which I missed last year, is taking place on Feb 4! That’s less than a week away!

This year I decided not to enter games in the Math Trade and go straight to the auction. I wanted to get stuff gone, and didn’t really need to replace it with other stuff at the moment. Here’s the stuff I’ve already sold so far (the auction doesn’t end until Wednesday, and I have only two items that don’t yet have bids).

I’ve pulled in over $200 so far — it may be closer to $250 now — and have only bid on one item in the auction, so that’s a nice profit, as well as some space cleared.

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6 Responses to Unity Games on Feb 4!

  1. CJ Lowery says:

    Clearly, I need to seek out a con to get a reasonably priced copy of Dungeonquest, a game this site turned me onto when I realized that as an advanced level only child I could probably have a pretty good time with by myself.

    Granted, I can also just generate DnD characters and then put the sheets in my shredder for more or less the same experience.

  2. Dave says:

    DungeonQuest has been reprinted (by Fantasy Flight Games). This is the old 80s version, which I don’t need any more because of the reprint.

  3. CJ Lowery says:

    I know, but $50 bucks is a bit steep for something I will realistically never play with anyone else.

    I realize that if I feel that way, board games might not be the medium for me, but a boy can dream.

  4. David Thiel says:

    I was shocked to see Dungeonquest in there, knowing your love for the game. (Didn’t realize it was the old one.) Thought you were a big fan of Twilight Struggle as well. And getting rid of Survive? That’s just wrong, man.

    Is that a box of Bionicle parts?

  5. Dave says:

    I bought a bunch of Bionicles at a thrift store a while back and every time I looked at them I had no idea what to do except make something that looked like a Bionicle. I got tired of them taking up space.

    I like Twilight Struggle a lot, but I play it with people who also have it and who have nicer copies than mine. I hope to trade for the third printing (with the nice thick board) at some point. And Survive is fun, but just doesn’t get played.

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