Around the end of December I up and decided to stop biting my nails. I tried before and it didn’t work, but I thought I’d try again.

My tactic for doing so is this: 1) polish nails with clear polish to make them stronger and less bite-worthy, 2) try really hard not to bite them.

It’s tough, of course, because it’s not something I do consciously. Still, I have managed to avoid my vice and here’s where the subjects currently stand:

I wish I knew the day I stopped, but I think it’s been not quite a month yet. So that’s not bad! And so far they’ve survived:

1) Sorting Legos
2) Game days
3) Being sick
4) A particularly thorny problem at work
5) Building with Legos
6) Other mildly stressful situations

I’m now at the “fiddling with them all the time” phase, which I hope will be over soon.

I’ll keep you updated on this exciting story!

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5 Responses to Fingertips

  1. Not MattWran says:

    I know someone who would love to do nails with you. Although, she prefers multicolored sparkly polish, and finds it no deterrent to subsequently nibbling off the various colors.

  2. Dave says:

    She and I had a discussion about that!

  3. MichaelD says:

    My tactic was frequent use of nail scissors and file. I get to the “fiddling with them” stage and I know it’s time to trim them again.

  4. Stewart says:

    Good job, Dave!

  5. Wriphe says:

    If you manage to beat this addition once and for all, let us know so I can tell my mother about your amazing success story. (No pressure.)

    My mother won’t stop biting her nails, and all she does is complain about how her nails look. She’s in her 60s and still can’t seem to recognize cause and effect.