2011 Blog Stats

Finally, let’s look at the dubious statistics generated by StatCounter for this here blog.

This is the number of unique visits each month:

January: 6226
February: 3888
March: 4565
April: 6070
May: 4052
June: 5854
July: 3232
August: 4715
September: 3655
October: 3181
November: 3487
December: 3941

Those numbers are down significantly. I can’t say I blame you; it was a slack-ass year for me and frankly, I don’t see that changing anytime soon, but we’ll see.

I only had 256 posts this year, which is a far cry from the “one every day” schedule I’d been on for a while there.

Let’s see what folks came to look at.

In January the biggest hit was the non-return of This Used to Be the Future, featuring Zeppi-Zo, Interplanetary Clown! I say non-return because I promised it would once again be a recurring feature through 2011 and then didn’t post any more. Which reminds me: I promise that in 2012, This Used to Be the Future will once again be a recurring feature!

In February the story of how I got my credit card rights taken away (spoiler: I drink some booze and bought an expensive boardgame) was the most viewed.

March 31 was the winner next, but all it is is an ad, so I’m not sure what that is about. The next biggest day is the 20th, when you were invited to meet Cappy, which makes more sense. (Though the ad page does show Cappy reading a book.)

April is easy. After I posted a bit complaining that sometimes nerds are a little too enthusiastic, many people who’d never been to my site before came from all over the Internet to tell me not to go out of my way to look at things that bother me. This pegged my stats-meter and cold broke my irony-meter.

In May I got a lot of hits on my review of the first two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who. At the time I thought the show was dipping in quality which is kind of like Noah thinking it’s getting a little humid.

An essay prompted by a depressing article topped the hits for June.

The big winner for July was the Lego shotgun house.

My stats for August are all screwy because someone reddited or stumbleuponed or flonkdingled or whatever a single panel I scanned out of a comic book. But it looks like the most popular post-2007 post was all about my coveted Space Cabby Scarf.

In September the circus of Republican debates began, which explains why so many people wanted to find out how to get applause and cheers from the “pro-life” party. (Hint: kill people.)

My subtle and incisive political cartoon stylings were the winner for October.

November showed that when Mighty Mike Sterling links to my blog, I get hits! He pointed to my eye-rolling at one of Antarctic Press’ attempts at brainless pandering.

And December’s top moment was Santa’s Trench Run.

Diminished visitors means diminished comments. Only 397 this year, and even the recurring commenters weren’t that chatty: T. Derscheid (25), Mrs. Mancer (15), Zhu Wuneng (15), Andrew Weiss (14), Stewart (13), Dan Coyle (11), Anne (11), MichaelD (11), nigel (10), David Thiel (9).

Top commented posts:

If You Want a Vision Of The Future, Imagine a Steampunk Boot Photoshopping a Fez on Batman–Forever

Meet Cappy!

Papers, Please!

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

Waiter, This Awesomesauce Has Gone Sour

You Know, For Girls

And in closing, some of the searches that brought people here to discover that no, this wasn’t what they wanted:

what the hell
3 sided dice
karen gillan naked
what the hell is going on
mature porn
magic porn
id tap that
underwater railroad
venderant nalaberong
clitoris tattoo
space cabbie
space cabby
taco doritos
lydia stalnaker
awesome legos
tired of zombies
articulation jokes
admitting you’re an asshole
how tp find the clitoris
rip off his arms
river song poochie
what the hell?

For those who’ve stuck with me, my many thanks! I’m going to try to work a little harder on things this year (including a possible complete re-vamp of the blog design.)

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