Santa’s Trench Run

For some reason it’s become a tradition that every Christmas I do a Star Wars Christmas Lego build. In this year’s entry, Santa delivers some presents.

Not everyone who worked on the Death Star was naughty and Santa’s got a job to do! Luckily, a sleigh is so small it can evade their turbo lasers.

Now, Santa might be a chubby guy, but he’s still smaller than two meters. And his name isn’t Ray Kringle, so the fact that the shaft is ray-shielded is not a problem.

And here’s the imperial officer who made the “Nice” list! I don’t know his name but by tomorrow there will be a Wookieepedia entry and a trilogy of novels about him. He’s hoping Santa will bring him one of those new BT-16s the other guys were telling him about! (It’s in the blue package!)

This was a fun and pretty easy build. The two hardest parts were getting the thermal exhaust port looking just right and the sleigh. Man, sleighs are weirdly shaped! Santa and the sleeping face are both sharpie-enchanced.

If you want to see more, check out the set on Flickr!

Previous Christmas Lego builds: 2010, 2009, 2008.

(Big thanks to Dave T for the “BT-16” joke!)

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5 Responses to Santa’s Trench Run

  1. Andrew Weiss says:

    You’ve outdone yourself, Dave.

    “Sled Five, shop at Target!”

  2. This is amazing, Dave.

  3. Zhu Wuneng says:

    Your yearly Christmas project is making me not hate Star Wars for the first time in years. Thanks!

  4. Anne says:

    We love the C3PO Christmas tree topper! Well done, my friend.

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