It’s Still Nnovvember!

I decided to do a SECOND Vic Viper this Nnovvember, and here it is.

The body is actually an impressive (for me) piece of SNOT-work. (“SNOT” = “Studs not on top”, a building technique in which bricks are used in orientations other than the usual “studs-up” one.) The slopey bits on the top and bottom are the same ones, inverted with the help of some “hydrant” or “dalek” bricks. These also hold the wings on. The engines were a last-minute departure from the flat profile I was aiming for, but I liked how they looked, so they stayed. Also, this one has a pilot!

This is actually not the idea I originally set out to do (that will have to wait), but once I got on this tangent I liked the results and kept going.

You can see more photos in the gallery.

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