Maybe There’s a Reference to Bacon Inside

Too busy to do a proper Previews post, but I did not want this little gem to pass by without comment.

Antarctic Press (who else?), having actually no shame, has decided that what the world needs is a comic book based on a funny video from a few months ago. Remember when we all laughed at the Honey Badger video (nsfw audio) and then got on with our lives? Antarctic Press decided there was blood to be had from that stone.

Have you heard of internet sensation and crazy nastyass the honey badger? The Guinness Book of World Records named this species the most fearless animal on Earth. It really doesn’t give a s#!t. Honey badgers are just crazy. Now, see the honey badger in action! The most fearless critter on Earth will face off against…EVERYTHING! Birds, snakes, small childrenz, velociraptors, whatever! It’ll fight anybody and anything and just smack the hell out of it. You should read this comic, ’cause it’s badass, just like the honey badger.

Yes, there are thousands of talented writers and artists out there who would love to be able to have their work distributed through Previews and made available to a wider audience. Too bad for them, though, we need the space for the Honey Badger Comic.

Come back next month when Antarctic offers TURTLE HUMPING A WOK: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL.

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3 Responses to Maybe There’s a Reference to Bacon Inside

  1. Andrew Weiss says:

    I hear he fights Double Rainbow Guy in the second issue.

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  3. Lugh says:

    Antarctic Press, the bastion of 90s hardcore otakuism still exists? Damn.