Yet Another Unscientific Poll

And here ends “No Politics Week”.

I don’t have a polling module installed here (yet, I’m thinking about it) so we’ll have to do this poll the old fashioned way.

Which of these things things would be the worst that a President could do?

[ ] A. Turn the Oval Office staff into his own cadre of goons and thugs, designed to intimidate and harass his enemies, including burglarizing his opponents’ political headquarters.

[ ] B. Start his own shadow government so that he can subvert the Constitution and perform tasks forbidden by Congress, and then lie about those tasks to Congress and the American people.

[ ] C. Receive oral sex in the oval office from an intern, and then deny doing so to Congress.

[ ] D. Lie to Congress, the U.N., and the American people about the reasons justifying an immediate war against a foreign nation, send U.S. troops to die under that pretense, and punish nations that don’t go along with the pretense, all the time allowing businesses with shady ties to him to benefit from said war.

How did you vote? For fun, let’s change choice “C” to “Receive oral sex from THREE interns and a pig.” Does that change your vote any?

Molly Ivins has a nice editorial on the bizarre fact that the Administration is happily admitting it lied about nuclear and chemical weapons and nobody seems to care. I could have sworn that a few years ago it was wrong wrong wrong to lie to Congress and the public, and that Bush was going to finally bring some integrity to the White House. I thought that this was the sort of thing that once would get you impeached, or at the very least lambasted on talk radio for years (even to the present). If only Clinton had had the foresight to claim that the blowjobs were necessary to fight terrorism!

Also, I got inspired to do this last week. This guy totally creeps me out.

The Mouth of Sauron

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