Italy Trip! (Part Three: Sicily)

For the final leg of the trip, we headed to Sicily. Not only is this a very long train ride, it’s a very long train ride that has to cross the Strait of Messina. This is done via ferry: they is, they load the train cars on a ferry, ship it across, and then reassemble the train on the other side.

We ended up in Taormina, which is a lovely resort town. Unfortunately, we weren’t there for very long, as we had sort of misjudged distances in Sicily (we didn’t realize how long it would take to get from point A to point B.) So we only saw a little of Taormina in the evening. One thing that was a bit interesting was this sign:

It means an artisan or craftsman. Could my peoples have come from Italy and not France? I don’t know.

Next morning we were on a bus headed to Agrigento, which was the main spot we wanted to hit in Sicily. Agrigento is the home to a number of Greek ruins, as it was once a pretty big deal. We hoofed down to the “Valley of the Temples” and took in the monumental structures.

The next day was Sunday, which we again hadn’t taken into account. Like many European countries, Italy shuts the hell down on Sunday, leaving you to fend for yourself. However, we needed to be in Palermo to catch a plane the next morning. After some finagling, we managed to get there, but without a whole lot of time to really check it out. We made the most cursory of tours of the main strip.

We did see this fountain, featuring a statue called, “Top Ten Places Not to Have a Lion’s Head”.

After a glass of wine on the terrace of our hotel, we went to bed, and in the morning headed back to the States. We’re sorry we didn’t give Sicily the time it deserved.

Italy was a great time and we’re fortunate to be able to get away to do these things. I still think Florence is my favorite, but it’s a tough call, as all of it is pretty amazing.

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