Arcana Unearthed

I’m seriously tempted to do this entry sans capital letters. My shift key (the weird-assed way I type has me using just the right one) is starting to go bad, and when I hit it, I get this loud “KLAK” that is bugging me. Sigh, we all must bear our crosses.

Anyway, yesterday I hit the comic/game store. There was a promo brochure for Monte Cook’s “alternative player’s handbook,” Arcana Unearthed. It sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. You can see more about the whole project at Malhavoc Press, where you can download a PDF of the brochure. Monte’s got some really good ideas in gaming, and I’m sure this is going to be a quality item. After all, this is the same genius who brought us the Orc and Pie adventure!

With things looking like we’ll be out of Champaign by the end of June, it’s not looking good for Arnheim. Forces have conspired to rob us of good gaming time. I’m really hoping to get the adventure I’ve been working on run, and possibly one other as well. If I can do both of those, I can end on a “season finale” type ending. I’m then hoping that we can get some more players and maybe Dave T. will take over the campaign as GM. Then I can keep helping him work on it, even in Massachusetts, which would be fun!

Some other game related projects I have in mind for after the move are Fallout d20 (or, if not ‘Fallout’ per se, something post-apocalyptic); a sort of alternate ‘fantasy’ campaign set in a world where the dominant race evolved along a more insectoid line, and technology evolved along a more magical line; and a science-fiction d20 campaign set on a world solely populated by intelligent machines. These are just a couple of ideas rolling around in my head. I’d eventually also like to work on ‘Steam-Fu’, the Feng-Shui based, action-oriented, Victorian sci-fi game.

Only slightly related to gaming is this fascinating article. It comes to me courtesy of Shas, and it’s about interesting folktales circulating among the homeless children of Miami. It’s a really interesting read:
Myths Over Miami

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