The Fake Empire Expands its Fake Reach

As you might be aware, some pals and I inadvertently wandered into the worlds of Internet humormongering and publishing a couple years ago when one of our frequent goofs, the @FakeAPStyleBook Twitter feed, blew up into something crazy. We got a gazillion followers, all kinds of insane coverage, and a freaking book deal.

That has pretty much calmed down now and things were more or less back to normal…until…

On Friday Ken emails, out of the blue, something to the effect of, “I was thinking of maybe starting another goofy Twitter feed with statistics.” We replied with some possible jokes and yesterday @FakePewResearch started up.

Now, here’s the thing: we do these things ALL THE TIME. I briefly did @FakeVoyager2 until I got bored with it. Ken has @TCIThursdays which stands for “Thank Christ It’s Thursday”, an insane eatery. @thecontentfarm continues to tweet helpful how-tos. Yet for some reason only this one decided to be hailed as “the next project from the creators of @FakeAPStylebook.” You’d think we’d spent the last few months in the Bureau Chiefs Bunker, busily crafting our next “product” and finally unveiling it…the truth is, Ken had an idea on Friday, we started it on Monday, that’s all there is.

We got 3000 followers on the first day, which was really cool, and naturally a few of them raced each other to declare that we’d jumped yet another shark. The best, though, was this:


Hoping to ride out the success of their beloved Twitter handle @FakeAPStylebook, the creators of the faux account have started a spinoff feed @FakePewResearch, reports Poynter. As the name suggests the account pokes fun at Pew Research stats with Tweets like “78% of you are reading this right now.” The handle already has 2,796 followers after just eight hours and five tweets (FakeAPStyle’s at almost half a million), but if the creators want to score another book deal, they’re going to have to do better than riff off of the ole “70 percent of all stats are made up” knee-slapper we all heard circa 7th grade. So far, that’s what the feed looks like. But maybe the entire English language is easier to work with than statistics?

That is The Atlantic’s blog being too cool to be into us but yet still covering us. And what’s more, dismissing us after a mere five tweets had been posted.

It’s strange how many people have asked me (and the others), “So what do you plan to do next?” We never had any plan for next because we never had a plan to begin with. This goofy shit just happened to us. While it’s true that we did talk about possible follow-up ideas, none ever got past the talking stage and we had mostly just gotten on with our usual lives. This new Twitter thing looks like it might be popular with folks, and that’s great, but it’s not any big follow-up project, just more of the same dumb, “Let’s see if this is funny to anyone other than me” tomfoolery we’re involved in at any given moment. (One of mine, TodaysEarworm hasn’t seemed to have found an audience of people wanting pop songs stuck in their heads against their will.)

What I’m saying is, folks, we come up with media sensations at the drop of a hat. Call us.

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