Movers and Shakers

Preparation has begun massively for our upcoming move. We have been the busiest of busy bees lately. An old crappy fence got torn up, we cleaned out most of the garage, some painting was done (with more to come), stuff was thrown out or given away, and the packing — oh, the packing. The geek room has had much of its contents cleared out, thanks to the help of Brian and Dave T.

All of this is in anticipation of the house going on the market on Monday. The House Inspector gave us a (nearly) clean bill of health, and a handyman company will be doing many small jobs we can’t do ourselves. Now all we need to do is, like, find an actual house to move into. And with our jobs and credit history, we’ve been approved to owe a veritable metric buttload of money on a house. No more igloos and yurts for us!

Our crazy neighbors, Lois and Johnny, found out we’re moving and it has unnerved them. We’ve been treated to almost daily visits from them, in which they ask over and over to be introduced to the new people, not realizing that if we introduce them to the new people, the new people won’t be the new people. I also learned that Johnny is nearly 50 years old, thinks it’s cold, and has a sore on his face. Why oh why didn’t we put up a fence all this time?

This weekend is an engagement party for Jeff and Gabe, who are getting married in May, so we’ll be heading up to Chicago for that.

Well, that’s the “moving” portion. For the “shaking” portion, check out this article: Jesus Plus Nothing

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