Will the Liberal Media Please Report to the War?

Thanks thanks to Dave Thiel for sending me the link to this editorial by NPR’s Bob Edwards. It’s a fantastic expose of the so-called liberal media and the new ‘journalism.’

But last month’s news conference was remarkable for more than the fact that it happened at all. Reporters were ushered into the East Room in pairs — summoned two-by-two, like the animals boarding Noah’s Ark. Once the news conference got underway, the President did not recognize reporters who raised their hands. Instead, he called their names from a list prepared by news secretary Ari Fleischer, the man who told reporters after Sept. 11 that they should watch what they say. When CNN’s John King attempted to ask a question, the President told him to wait because, the President said, “This is scripted.” Then he called the next name on his list: John King. Then he taunted King for daring to ask a multi-part question. Among the names not called — and perhaps not on Ari Fleischer’s list of approved questioners — were the reporters from Time, The Washington Post, USA Today, Newsweek and Kentucky’s own Helen Thomas, who for decades has had the distinction of asking the first question and then closing the news conference by saying, “Thank you, Mr. President,” which became the title of her autobiography. But Helen is no longer a reporter. She’s now a columnist, paid to give opinions, and one of her recent opinions is that George W. Bush “is the worst President ever.” Clearly, she did not watch what she said. Another White House tradition, the follow-up question, also appears to be history.

And as long as I’m here, >here’s a story about an embedded reporter who decided to embed a little looting in his reporting.

Oh yeah, one more ‘journalism’-related thing. I am totally creeped out by the fact that I get in-depth reporting on the Laci Peterson homicide case on “Entertainment Tonight”. J. Lo, Madonna, and a dead woman who may have been murdered by her husband. That’s Entertainment.

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