How to Get Applause and Cheers From the “Pro-Life” Party

1) Execute a record number of people.

2) Let uninsured people die.

The party of life sure likes ’em some death. And the party that supposedly fears its government and dislikes the courts is awfully happy about that same government and those same courts putting people to death.

Of course, to be fair, most of those cheering and applauding are assuming the people dying aren’t white.

UPDATE! I now have a fantastic idea! Last night we learned that the right wing is fine with letting poor people die, but I think we can do better. Let’s have a minimum income that you have to make every year or you’re put to death. This program combines two things that pro-life values voters love: poor people dying and government-sanctioned executions.

Of course, children would be exempt until they’re 7, at which point they can work in a factory. And SOME people would have to prove that their income didn’t come from dealing drugs, theft, or gangster rap.

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3 Responses to How to Get Applause and Cheers From the “Pro-Life” Party

  1. MichaelD says:

    Illegal immigrants should only be allowed to participate in half of this program. Why should they get the same benefits that hard working people who were born here enjoy?

  2. Rick says:

    Obviously your blog so your opinion and your sarcasm. I just disagree.

    My family is harding immigrants that came here legally and became citizans. They paid their taxes, created business, and gave birth to my generation.

    I disgree with the dismissive attitudes both the Right and Left throw at each other.
    You mean to tell me that you want a government to feed clothe and be your parent and decision maker for you, no.

    Do you want people to die of starvation, disease because they are less fortunate, no.

    Do you want good education for you children, yes.

    Do you want a nation that establishes laws for religous freedoms and acknowledge that judo-christian-islam morals shape many of the population’s beliefs but still allows people to opt out and be agnostic or atheist, yes.

    Do you want the ability to start a blog and write basically whatever you want and challenge our leaders, yes.

    Do you want a strong military that can defend the freedoms of the nation, yes.

    Left or Right, these are statements of truth. We are Americans and to allow talking heads of either side to make us sheeple and just follow the sound bites instead of actually looking at the issues and working through them. Those in power on both sides are not that worried by this, it is all about how to hold on to your power and get money.

    Do I believe that you have the right to blog and voice dissent and vitrole, yes. I just don’t agree with your comments but I do agree with the disgust at the muckracking and stupid punditry when leadership is needed instead of a lack of leadership by those that were elected to do that very job, lead.

  3. Dave says:

    Left or Right, these are statements of truth.

    I don’t think they necessarily are.