I Rate this Game a 139

Do you know what this is?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s not Thunderstone: Wrath of the Elements. (That has been moved to the big Thunderstone: Dragonspire box.)

It’s 18 other games.

Prompted by an image I saw on BGG, I decided to put a bunch of card games into a box intended to hold a bunch of cards. And now, for the space of one box, I have 18 games. They are:

  1. Sticheln
  2. For Sale
  3. Coloretto
  4. Bottle Imp
  5. Battle Line
  6. Wizard
  7. Haggis
  8. Poison
  9. Crazy Chicken
  10. Fzzzt! (with Expansion)
  11. Battle for Hill 218
  12. Box of Bits
  13. San Juan
  14. Bohnanza
  15. Palastgeflüster
  16. Meuterer
  17. Klunker
  18. Fairy Tale
  19. Parade

That right there is a thing of beauty. What’s more, it already has done its job. I brought it with me on Sunday and we ended up playing Poison, a card game I hadn’t touched in years.

I’m about ready to make a Big Box of Card Fun Vol II.

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2 Responses to I Rate this Game a 139

  1. T. Derscheid says:

    Y, awesome. I think I posted a similar picture of Lewis W.’s box of small games on Google+ about 2 weeks ago. His box is (pause to review picture): Reiner Knizia’s Money Starring Reiner Knizia etc., Forum Romanum, St. Petersburg, Space Station Assault, Citadels, Fluxx, Tichu, San Juan, Totally Renamed Spy Game, For Sale, Mu & More, and two decks of regular cards.

  2. Dave says:

    That must have been the inspiration. Thanks!