This Time, Han Doesn’t Shoot At All

The original Star Wars trilogy is coming out on Blu-Ray. And once again, Lucas has digitally screwed with it, adding dumb shit that adds nothing to the films. We’ve now been here multiple times and you know how the song goes.

I won’t be buying these things, mostly because I don’t have a Blu-Ray player. Thing is, I’ve never purchased the original trilogy on DVD (I did buy Episode One, got Episode Two used, and don’t think I ever got around to getting Episode Three). My DVDs of them are actually DVD copies someone made for me of the original Laserdisc releases, which are the original, non-special versions. So suck it. If they ever release the original versions of the movies on DVD I might get them, but I’ve no interest in any of the “tweaked” ones. Lucas has every right to screw with his movies and release whatever he wants and I have every right not to buy them.

The truth is, I have never watched these original trilogy DVDs. I don’t think I’ve watched any of the original movies since I saw the “Special Editions” back in…was that 97 or so? What happened is this: I got sick of Star Wars. I finally just got overwhelmed.

I’m not complaining. I know there are plenty of kids and adults out there who are totally into the movies, the Clone Wars stuff, the videogames, the comics, the novels, and all the other stuff. More power to ’em. Me, though, I’ve just kind of had enough. I never thought this was possible, but I burned out on it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the original movie, and I’m sure I’ll watch it again at some point. But I like it as it is and for what it was; I don’t feel invested in it beyond that.

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3 Responses to This Time, Han Doesn’t Shoot At All

  1. Luc says:

    Technically speaking, they have released the originals on DVD–although it’s out of print and overpriced:

    That being said, yeah, I’m inclined to agree with you about being tired of the franchise. Much of it is the result of the raw anger that seemed to have been catalyzed by the constant edits and the prequels… regardless of whether or not the fanboy rage is justified, the entire nature of Star Wars fandom seems exceptionally ugly right now. I’m not into that sort of scene.

    Of course, it also doesn’t help that, to be frank, the movies have not held up to the weight of said fandom. The problem with the prequels isn’t merely that they were bad–as a fan of horror film, I can shrug off most bad sequels. The problem, rather, is that the sequels were bad in ways that forced you to reconsider the quality of the original movies. Most of the problems–bar the cardboard casting, anyway–were distressingly similar to those of the original films. Clunky dialogue? The first film is borderline painful. Likewise, Lucas always relied heavily on special effects–it’s simply that the original effects were practical, and thus more legitimately impressive than those of the “throw more money at the computer people” variety. In some ways, the prequels represented a logical endpoint, if not the logical endpoint, of Lucas’ vision. Like with Indiana Jones 4, they actually made me more inclined to question my respect for the original works than anything else.

    (Which isn’t to say that the prequels didn’t have their own unique problems, rest assured.)

    Either way, though… I don’t know, it’s strange. I certainly don’t hate Star Wars, but I can’t say that I particularly like it anymore. Of course, it also doesn’t help that, with a name like mine, you get sick of it awfully quickly.

    Fun fact: as a kid, I may never have seen the original trilogy in their unaltered films. I was a pre-teen in 1997; the Special Editions were thus, in fact, MY version of the films.

  2. Jack Colby says:

    The originals linked by Luc are not technically the originals anyhow, they have been messed with in many technical ways, including bad color balance, etc. Even the last generation VHS editions before the Special Edition release were mildly edited. You have to go back to the laserdiscs (or bootlegs of them) if you want these movies in their original forms.

  3. threegee says:

    The Phantom Menace was so bad that it made the earlier movies retroactively worse.

    In spite of the wooden acting and painful dialogue, Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back were legitimately good movies because their stories were good. Return of the Jedi, of course, wasn’t on the same level, but it gets a pass on account of wrapping up ESB. Each movie retconned the prior, but you would have a hard time convincing fans of that, and the recons generally worked.

    The new trilogy, of course, is pure fanservice, and its retcons offend all reason. Plus, the acting is still wooden and the dialogue still atrocious. For Lucas to then go back to the original work and lower it to the level of the new trilogy is a travesty film critics will never forgive. However, like Freud, Lucas so offended people that he spawned a new hobby — the fanedit.