So Tired of This Show

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7 Responses to So Tired of This Show

  1. hmmm says:

    Dude, hating on a character who is in the low end of screen time for a recurring characters over alleged plot stealing which rings false and kind of seems like the of fanboyism which you often mocked, instead of awesome overuse it’s the it stinks sort. Also the resentment of female character who dares to have a modicum of power and familiarity as the worshiped hero.

  2. Dave says:

    “low end of screen time”? Are you watching a different show, where the entire season hasn’t been about this character?

  3. Greg G says:

    Hey, remember when Romana was actually smarter than the Doctor and it didn’t suck?

    I just watched a show which had Hitler in it for the sole reason of showing that when even when River Song is evil she’s the absolute bestest in the universe at being evil.

  4. Mrs. Mancer says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty tired of “powerful” women who are as big dicks as the guys. That’s not “power.”

  5. Greg G says:

    River Song is somewhere beyond Mary Sue – kind of a Mary Sue+.

    The bit that made me decide to give up on the whole enterprise was when Amy basically threatened to kill more than 400 relatively decent people to save one admitted murderer and the show presented it as a good thing.*

    Actually, the collateral damage is getting pretty high this season. It’s like the characters are aware that they’re protagonists and that only they really matter.

    *for “good” read “awesomesauce”.

  6. Dan Coyle says:

    Well, I know when I’m licked so: This was one of the worst Doctor Who episodes ever, if not the worst thing Steven Moffat has ever written. Just awful from start to finish.