We here at LEGOMANCER.NET are always trying to find ways to give you more value for your money, Gentle Reader. To this end, I invite you to cast your gaze downwards to the left and right columns. On the left, under the “Elsewhere” menu, you’ll see two new things: “Features” and “Friends”. The former will take you to some of our more popular elements here, while the latter will introduce you to some of our affiliates.

On the right side, under the photos, you’ll see the mysterious and eldritch “Legonomicon”. That’s an idea I ripped off wholesale from Anna, and I’ll try to keep it updated with what’s going on.

While I’m here, let me also plug (yet again) Shasradio, a cool new level of internet radio station. Unlike internet radio stations of yesteryear, Shasradio has been imbued with an intelligence…it collects feedback from the listeners so it can adjust the music played to the satisfaction of the audience. It’s where radio listens to you. Also, I want to show off the new banner I made for it.



Another shout-out goes to the fine people at Blambot! for providing some of the coolest fonts on the web.

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