Birthday Thanks

I suppose I should talk a little bit about my birthday this past weekend.

It’s been years since I made much of a deal about my birthday. As a shy, nerdy, introverted kid my birthday parties usually just consisted of one or two friends…even when I invited more. Eventually it was easier to just not do anything in particular. (The one exception was to be my 30th birthday, which I had big plans for. How those plans turned out…well, that was the last time I made such plans.)

So for me a birthday is a pretty low-key affair, which actually works for me. A day (or weekend) in which I have no plans at all and can do or not do whatever I want is pretty great to me.

Friday night we went out to Chester to see a play, which was a good time, even though I got a hellacious migraine on the way back. Saturday I headed out to Toys R Us and was pleasantly surprised by them having Series 5 Minifigures. I bought a bunch and ended up with nearly every one out of the set that I wanted (and no skate/snowboarders!) and a couple of nice duplicates. I then went over to Mike’s house and played boardgames. Mike had bought me a cake(!) and insisted on just plain giving me a game I had agreed to buy from him. Sunday was more boardgames with the regular crowd, and Rachel made some yummy cupcakes for the occasion. (As a bonus, Sunday was Bryan’s birthday, so they were double-duty cupcakes.)

I got some gifts, which was very nice, and tons of birthday greetings on Facebook and Twitter, all of which are much appreciated.

It wasn’t a slam-bang party-riffic affair, but as birthdays go, it was exactly what I like.

Thanks everyone!

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