Waterfire Burn

This weekend we headed down to Providence, RI, to check out a thing they do there called Waterfire. See, there are these three little rivers that go through the city and they have these big braziers in them. Once night falls, a boat comes by setting them alight.

For this particular Waterfire event the symphony was giving a concert elsewhere in the city and the performace was being broadcast along the river. So we watched the fires and the boats (gondolas, water taxis, the boats stoking the fires, and a dude zipping along handing out flowers to the ladies*) and listened to the music. There are lots of people there and plenty of food stalls. It’s a really neat time.

We also checked out the museum at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Botanical Gardens at Roger Williams Park. All in all it was a nice little weekend getaway.

What was the occasion? Someone had a birthday…

*SOME of the ladies.

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One Response to Waterfire Burn

  1. Mrs. Mancer says:

    *And _other_ ladies got prettier bouquets from their sweeties. Thanks, sweetie!