If Things Were Looking Bad, I’d Drive You to Nebraska

Happy Valentine’s Day!

18 Charisma, Baby!

It’s been icy cold here and they’re predicting an ice storm tonight, but the cockles of my heart are warm as ever, as is the heart of…never mind. Love is in the air, gentle reader, as well as terror and alarm. The country may be on orange alert, but my heart is always at green. I may not have bottled water, plastic sheeting, or duct tape on hand, but I do have a new Apples in Stereo CD which is pretty cool.

What’s news? Becky got an on-campus interview at that college in Massachusettes, which is very cool. My D&D campaign, complete with snazzy web page, is going well, and I’m still playing Morrowind, which is a lot of fun. I snagged the ‘Tribunal’ add-on for it. Also, we saw the movie Chicago, which you may have heard of. It was a lot of fun, and the songs were very catchy.

Speaking of movies, I just can’t make myself give a damn about the Daredevil movie. The character doesn’t do anything at all for me. I’ll be passing on that one unless I hear really good things about it, which I’m not.

Well as long as I’m geeking out here, I may as well go whole hog. Thank you, Wal-Mart, for putting so many Legos on deep clearance. Hot diggity but I’ve been loading up on all kinds of stuff for dirt cheap. That’s a sale! Why can’t you be more like them, Best Buy? Would it kill you to give out a coupon that could be used on ANY day of the year?

What a lame entry. Hopefully the graphic makes up for it.

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