Wrongful Convictions

Three cheers for Joe Lieberman throwing his hat in the ring as a potential candidate for the Democrats in ’04. Surely he heard the cry of the masses, saying, “Please give us the chance to vote for the part of the ’00 Gore team that made everyone queasy and think maybe Nader wasn’t such a bad choice after all.” I hope he gets the nomination, because the only thing I can think of that would be more exciting than Bush getting re-elected would be him doing so by a landslide.

But I didn’t bring up Joe just to sardonically mock him. Here in Illinois, our Governor decided to commute the death sentences of 167 death-row inmates to life in prison simply because he discovered that 13 inmates had been wrongly convicted and that their confessions were the results of torture by Chicago police. Like, suddenly torture is wrong or something.

Joe feels that Ryan erred. He says, “Governor Ryan’s action was shockingly wrong. It did terrible damage to the credibility of our system of justice, and particularly for the victims.”

I know I’m not the only one who is somewhat mortified by this whole thing, because I ripped off this whole story from the This Modern World website. Let’s see if I’m following. A supposed Democrat is angry about reviewing death row cases where several instances of torture and forced confessions have been discovered – and feels that commuting the sentences harms the credibility of the system? As opposed to coerced confessions and freakin’ torture hurting the credibility of the system?

Am I wrong in thinking that once upon a time there was some kind of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? The natural response would be to register Democrat so that I can do what I can to not give Lieberman any support, but the majority of the Democrat candidates-to-be feel the same way. Is casting a vote in this country simply a statement of whether you’d like Conservative Christians to have most of or only a whole lot of power in our government?

Update: Yes, I know Lieberman is Jewish (re: my “Conservative Christians” remark) nevertheless, I both am speaking of the Dems in general AND still stand by what I said. If it walks, talks, votes, and quacks like a Conservative Christian, what can you say?

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