Space Cabby by Jason Ho

By now you may have heard about the high school cheerleader in Texas who was kicked off the cheerleading squad because she wouldn’t cheer for her rapist. She fought this and not only got ruled against, but was told she had to pay $45,000 in court costs. A group called Help the Cheerleader is helping her defray these costs.

Not long ago comics creator Jason Ho offered to do sketches in return for a donation to Help the Cheerleader. A chance to get a sketch AND help out? How could I say no? Jason was only going to do 20 sketches but got inundated with requests and is now working feverishly on them!

My request? Well, I think you know.

Jason has worked on a ton of books for Bongo comics and recently did some sketches for an (imaginary, unfortunately) Doctor Who series. You can see more of his work (and other HtC commissions) on his blog and his DeviantArt page.

He’s not accepting any more commissions at the moment, but Help the Cheerleader is still not at their goal. Consider helping out if you can!

Thanks so much, Jason, for both the sketch and the donation of your time and talent!

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

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