My Star Wars Lunchbox from 1977

Heading out to school in the fall of 1977, I of course wanted a Star Wars lunchbox. I guess there weren’t any yet or something, so my dad helped me make my own. I mentioned it in an earlier post and someone asked about it. Not only can I tell you about it, I can show you pics, since I still have it.

Here are the two main sides (I don’t know what you’d consider the “front” and “back”.)

I believe it was originally a “Dyno-Mutt” lunchbox. First we spray-painted it blue. When that dried, I went to town with pictures I’d cut out of magazines and Star Wars trading cards. We then sprayed it with a clear lacquer, which I think is the only reason it’s still in somewhat good shape.

Pretty sure the movie poster pic was actually a full-page ad from Reader’s Digest. The two cards on that side were two of my favorites, and I wanted that Han Solo one on there so much, I used a “blue” one. I guess that was the only extra one I had? (In those cards, sometimes the picture had a weird blue tint all over it when I suppose something went wrong during printing.)

Here are the two sides:

Judging from how well the R2-D2 pic is cut out, I am assuming I didn’t do it.

Here’s the bottom:

In this picture you can see the dents on the R2-D2 side from when it was taken from me by other kids and kicked around the playground.

And the top:

Yes, I hand-painted the little star and planet on there. And you see what I did with that trading card? STAR WARS IS NUMBER ONE!

So there’s my Star Wars lunchbox from oh, thirty-four years ago. When I die, I will be cremated and it will be used to store my ashes.

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3 Responses to My Star Wars Lunchbox from 1977

  1. Mark Hale says:

    That would get you so much money/tail on Etsy, Dave.

  2. Blasterhappy says:

    I remember that lunchbox. I also remember wanting to make one myself and stealing my sister’s H.R. PuffNStuff lunchbox and wanting to paint it black with glitter to look like space and putting all kinds of Cool Star Wars pics on it. Just never happened. It was hard to come up with black spray paint and glitter without raising a few questions. HAHA!

  3. Stewart says:

    Cool lunchbox! I had those trading cards, too.