I should probably come up with a “Milestones” icon, but here are some new ones:

Birthday – Joseph, my nephew. He’s five today, and if I remember correctly, that means he’s going to be driving now. At least, according to him.

Passed the Bar – Nigel. Congrats! Unfortunately, he still doesn’t shave close enough and he has all the wrong shirts.

Expecting – this is an old one but I forgot to mention it last time. Michael and Erika. If it’s a boy, they plan to name it “Djaqob”. If it’s a girl, “Djaqyb”. Both are pronounced “Jacob”.

New House – Anna and Kurt and also Carol and George. Both families are moving into swanky new digs soon.

Getting Married – Jude and Allison. My oldest friend in the world. Hopefully I can make it there. Also mad props to Jerm and Krissi and the mystery couple I can’t mention because I think it might be a secret but I’m not sure.

Congrats and best wishes to all of you!

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