Lego Review: Earth Defense HQ (7066)

I haven’t done much Legoing lately, which is why I’ve been quiet about it. But this weekend I got a new big set and last night I built it.

The set is called Earth Defense HQ, and it’s part of a fun new line called “Alien Conquest”. I have to say, this set is a great value.

First, let’s talk about what you get with it. For minifigs, you get two aliens, two Earth fighters, an Earth scientist, and a little alien head-grabber, which is adorable. They come with plenty of accessories, including a few things brought over from the collectable minifigs line, such as hypodermics and ray guns. The humans get neat double-barreled guns, as well as old-school walkie-talkies and a laptop computer.

The aliens get a nifty little flying saucer, but the star of the show here is the giant truck and trailer, which is full of play value. The truck has room for drivers and a place to store captured aliens (there’s a little pod to put them in). The trailer is a lab, complete with some kind of scanner machine for helping out unfortunate victims of the head-grabber. The truck also has flip-out radar dishes and fires missiles. If that weren’t enough, the trailer also has a launch site for a anti-alien Vic Viper to go take down that flying saucer. Oh, and there’s a little buggy that can tow a stretcher behind it.

Seriously, you get this set for a kid and they will have loads of fun.

How kid-friendly is it? The instructions are in two books, and there are seven numbered bags you open and use in order. It’s actually a fairly straightforward build, so I think it shouldn’t frustrate any kids used to building most sets on their own.

Now, I don’t usually buy big sets because that’s not the kind of builder I am. I prefer making my own things, so when I’m looking at a set, I am almost always looking to see if it’s got any good parts in it. This one is a gold mine.

It is FULL of standard blue and gray pieces, with a splash of yellow added in. Slopes, windows, tiles, it’s all here. Plus some newer parts, such as a 1×2 plate with a slope on one stud, 2×4 tiles, 1×3 tiles, those newer 1×1 bricks with the stud flush against the side, nice curvy slope pieces, and some other things. Except for a very few pieces (and the minifigs) all the printing is done with stickers, so you’re free to leave them off, as I did. (I did stick the screen onto the laptop.)

Now hang on…blue, gray, and a splash of yellow? Old-school walkie talkies? That little buggy? Yeah, this set reminds me a lot of the old classic space days.

This is a fantastic set with a very high bang for the buck. I highly recommend it!

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2 Responses to Lego Review: Earth Defense HQ (7066)

  1. MichaelD says:

    Neat…and the boy’s birthday is coming up! I may be going to one of the local shops tonight.

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