Farewell, Sarah Jane Smith

To say that you had a crush on Sarah Jane only meant that you were a Doctor Who fan in the 70s and 80s. Everyone had a crush on Sarah Jane. She was the perfect companion: smart, pretty, brave, screamy, playful, friendly, and prone to twisting her ankle. As our PBS stations cycled through the Tom Baker episodes over and over, we all fell in love with her at every “Robot” and had our hearts break at every “The Hand of Fear”.

One also felt that Elisabeth Sladen was just as charming as the character she owned. From what people say, this was exactly the case.

When the new Doctor Who series began in 2005, Sarah Jane was the perfect companion to bring back to bridge the two, because she was, literally, the perfect companion. And when Elisabeth Sladen came back, still so fresh and full of life, it was an absolute joy. It was again, every fanboy’s dream: she was still there, still her, a touch older, a touch sadder, but still Sarah Jane.

Small wonder that it was her character who was tapped for two spinoffs. Of all the companions, she was the one you wanted to see more of, who seemed capable of having a life and adventures of her own, having been indelibly altered by her time with The Doctor.

Yesterday Elisabeth Sladen passed away, succumbing to cancer at the too-young age of 63. Few people even knew she had cancer, as she always seemed so lively. We lost a talented actress and a wonderful person, but she left behind an unforgettable character and thousands of people who loved her.

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3 Responses to Farewell, Sarah Jane Smith

  1. Stuart Peake says:

    To my favourite Dr Who companion, Sarah Jane Smith you will be greatly missed. May God bless you and rest with him in heaven. I will remember for ever. My dearest regards to your family.
    Stuart and my 9yo son Lachlan.

  2. Marc says:

    I am so saddened that she is gone, she was be absolute favorite companion of the Doctor. I grew up watching her and Tm Baker and continued watching her in her new series. I am so deeply saddened :(

  3. scott hayden says:

    hi im doing this for myfriend david who loved dr who and elisabeth sladen as sarah jane smith.when we heard she died we couldn’t believe it.when we sawher picture here she dose not look that old.she kind of looks 30s or 40s.and she dosen’t look like she’s 65 or sick.how dose she do that?and i was wondering where was the cancer in her?i hope it wasn’t her blader.because david’s mother died of that.and even if beth,(can i call her that for short?)did have that i don’t think she would be able to move around alot.i hope you won’t if i ask this.so can you please answer this?tell us it wasn’t blader cancer.anyway we watch her in dr who and we loved sarah.and beth.so whats going to happen to sarah jane smith tv show?and will they do a special on dr who?we’r sorry to hear that she died.may she r i p.