Magic Online

Well, this weekend I took the plunge, sold my soul, went for the bait, mixed the metaphor. I signed up for an online game. But not just any online game, this is Magic Online. and it’s a lot of fun. My username there is, naturally, “Legomancer”.

I stopped playing Magic several years ago for a variety of reasons. Apart from random sealed deck games since then I haven’t really kept up with it. But when WOTC announced Magic online, I was intrigued. This would not only give me the opportunity to play Magic again on a regular basis, but to play with people I know who don’t live near me.

The other plus is that you only pay for your cards. There’s no monthly fee, no per-game fee (certain events do require tickets, but these tickets cost, I think, a dollar.) So the cost is reasonable. As for buying electronic cards rather than paper, that’s not a problem – I don’t have to figure out where to store electronic cards.

The interface for the game is pretty intuitive, and so far the players are pretty cool (or at least, not jerks). I played all weekend long and had a really good time, having paid only ten bucks total so far. I highly recommend it.

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