Just When I Thought I Was Out…

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I talked about comics here. There are actually a few reasons for that, and for once the reasons are kind of interesting in and of themselves.

First, there was that incident with the tree last fall. Having a multi-thousand dollar expense suddenly come literally crashing down meant that a lot of things had to be pushed off the list of priorities, and comics were one of those things.

Second, there’s the iPad. The iPad is a great medium for reading comics, and I have no qualms whatsoever with buying them digitally, since there are very few things I feel like I need to have and hold the paper versions of. I’ve bought a few things — Dylan the Wonder Dog, Grandville, Atomic Robo — digitally and been quite pleased with the results. When I’ve read them.

You see, the iPad is great to read comics on. It’s also great to play games on, and that’s what I end up doing on it at night in bed instead of reading comics.

I end up with the iPad because, unlike my bedside lamp or a book light, it doesn’t bug Becky, who is trying to sleep. And I end up playing games instead of reading on it because games are fun.

What this means is, I’ve barely touched any comics in months.

I cancelled my pull at my comic shop shortly after the tree incident because I just didn’t know when I’d be ready to buy comics regularly again. I also noticed that I wasn’t buying them regularly anyway. What I tended to get was not regularly-issued stuff in either floppy or trade, but sporadic graphic novels or slow-moving trade series. There were few things I would be “subscribed” to, instead picking out a few things per month. Even the handful of regular series I got, such as Hikaru No Go and Usagi Yojimbo were suspect, as I was several volumes behind on them.

What I’ve done instead is get an account with DCBS. It doesn’t go on a “subscription” model, so my picking and choosing and ordering on a whim is more suited for it. Also, I won’t lie, the discounts were something I couldn’t afford to ignore.

I got my first shipment today. The contents are: Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan, Weathercraft by Jim Woodring, Wasteland: Book 5 by Antony Johnston and cohorts, The Sixth Gun: vol 1 by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, Doctor Who Classics, vols 5 and 6 by assorted, and Daytripper by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá.

I already made my order (such as it was) out of the April Previews, which I also got, but I may do a write-up on it anyway. And I’m going to try to get myself to dig through the pile of unread books and get back into comics again.

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