The Day After

As anyone who shares any type of social media with me is aware, yesterday was the release date of the Fake AP Stylebook book, Write More Good. We saturated Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere with please and entreaties to buy the book and eagerly watched it move up the charts at

At our peak yesterday we got very close to getting into the top 200 books at Amazon (205 was the highest I saw) and cracked into the top 10 Humor books (and considering that list includes three different versions of Tina Fey’s Bossypants and several non-humor books, we were actually somewhere around #4.) We wanted to overcome Chelsea Handler and Tucker Max and, for a while, we did. However, at some point expensively-suited men met in a smoke-filled room and discussed what should be done about this rag-tag band of miscreants who had dared to overtake the approved jesters of the media elite, and soon Max and Handler were back above us, with a sudden Zombie Survival Guide thrown in as well as a “message”.

I joke, but a couple of the reviews and comments I saw mentioned how the book was funny, even though it was “one of those Twitter-to-book” deals. Because, of course, it’s absurd that someone should get a book deal because they wrote creative and funny stuff that appealed to people, instead of merely being on TV at some point in their lives.

After work I headed up to Barnes and Noble in Holyoke and actually saw my work in the wild!

There it was, on a nondescript shelf in the very back of the store, well beyond all the tables advertising new and notable books. I’m sure that, given this cherry placement, it sold like gangbusters! Still, there’s something I partially wrote, on sale for real money, next to a book by George Freakin’ Carlin, so that’s pretty good to me.

Barring anything major, I’ll now shut up about it for a while, though I did put an ad in the sidebar. Thanks to everyone who bought the book and helped to spread the word. It was pretty exciting!

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4 Responses to The Day After

  1. TJJohn12 says:

    I’ve heard of authors moving their own books in B&N to the “Summer Must Read” or “Staff Picks” table before… Not that I would ever suggest that…

  2. April says:

    I hesitate to mention this, but your book is actually more “next to” Porn for New Moms than to George Carlin.

  3. John M says:

    I see you are now number 3 in the American Literature History & Criticism category behind 2 versions of the Autobiography of Mark Twain. There are those who say that Mark Twain was an even better humorist than Chelsea Handler, so it seems you are in good company there. (You are also 4 spots ahead of the Cliff’s Notes to Atlas Shrugged in that same category).

  4. Tumhremod Darby says:

    You are exceptionally funny and smart, and therefore this news is unsurprising.