Papers, Please!

DogQuest 2011 is now over. On Saturday I went by the shelter and Cappy became a permanent member of our family. I picked up his ownership papers and officially gave him a forever home.

We are very pleased with him. He’s a smart, friendly guy who is eager to learn.

As you know, we were unsure about him at first. He seemed to have a lot more energy than we could deal with (a 30-lb dog who needs to get his ya-yas out is a little easier to deal with than a 55-lb dog.) It turned out that what we were doing to lower his energy levels — taking him for long walks — was making things worse by overstimulating him. Instead we took him into the back yard and played fetch and let him chew on things and there was a change almost literally overnight.

We started crate training with him and he’s taken to it with no problems, often hanging out in it of his own volition. He’s been on his own now for a few hours at a time with no ill effects and only a little whining. He’s had no problems with company coming over.

Today he had his initial vet visit and was a very good boy, getting shots without batting an eye. He’s in good health and has lost a little weight since we got him.

I called the insurance company to let them know about him. Some homeowners insurance places charge you more for a pitbull, but thankfully ours is not one of those, so there are no problems there.

So check us out! New dog!


Happy Cappy
the Capster
Space Cappy
Happy Hippo
Big Head
Flappy Cappy

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12 Responses to Papers, Please!

  1. Cathy says:

    Hooray! Welcome aboard, new guy!

  2. cap says:

    Easily the best thing that’s happened to me (and certainly him) all day. Congratulations to us all!

  3. Esthela says:

    You forgot CappyBell Jackson.

    We almost rescued another Boston once. His name was Sammy, which was perfect since LillyBelle Jackson would be hanging out with SamuelBell Jackson, but then we remembered That Lily is a shithead who tries to kill other dogs so… There went that idea.

  4. Dave says:

    A nickname I forgot is “El Toro”

  5. Blasterhappy says:


  6. MaxBenign says:

    A long list of nicknames is one of the singular pleasures of having a pet.

  7. Anne says:

    Congratulations! I’m sure Cappy is pleased to be officially Cappy Lartigue.

  8. nigel says:


  9. Albatross says:

    Cappa Donna (Wu Tang 4ever)

  10. Albatross says:


  11. Albatross says:


  12. Dave says:

    “Capone” is actually what “Cappy” comes from.