Welcome to Appland, Part Three

Okay, so I’ve told you about some of the things I regularly use and like on my iPad, but I wanted to mention a few things that seem promising, but I just got them recently (or haven’t really done much with them since I got them), so I haven’t really tried them out yet.

I mentioned Dungeon Raid yesterday. It’s an addictive puzzle game that simulates level grinding in an RPG. The reason I didn’t go into much detail is that they just did a major update to it and I’m still kind of feeling my way around it. Still, the game is a lot of fun.

Neuroshima Hex Puzzles are essentially scenarios based on the Neuroshima Hex boardgame that you have to “solve” with the given tiles. So far they’re a great way to learn how to play the game well.

Battle of Gundabad is an iPhone game that is essentially a clone of the card game Dominion. Seems to work okay, but the board layout is kind of cluttered and confusing, and the copy/paste on the Dominion terminology is actually kind of distracting. Still, until the real thing comes, it may not be a bad substitute.

Shadow Era is a collectible card game that actually isn’t just a Magic: the Gathering clone. Nice play and artwork, but I have only played it a couple times so far.

Dungeon Hunter and Dungeon Hunter 2 are Diablo-like RPGs which look pretty good. I’ll probably start the former after I’m done with Puzzle Quest 2.

Sword of Fargoal: Legends is based on an old old PC game.

Game Dev Story is an iPhone game that everyone raves about, but I haven’t played yet.

Parcours.robo is a lot like the boardgame RoboRally.

Finally, these are all nice looking games that seem like they have some potential, but I just haven’t really gotten around to looking at in depth:


New World Colony

Osmos HD

Qbism HD

Wizard Hex

Hopefully I’ve given you a heads-up on some apps to check out. Let me know what you like, or if there’s something really good you think I’ve missed!

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