Video Blogging!

Lego Minifigs Part One from Dave Lartigue on Vimeo.

Lego Minifigs Part Two from Dave Lartigue on Vimeo.

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7 Responses to Video Blogging!

  1. Stewart says:

    I’ve only watched Epsiode1 so far, but it is riveting. I hope the video blogging becomes a regular feature.

  2. Anne says:

    Love the video blogging! You captured the joy and disappointment of those minifig packages–what suspense! The only improvement I would suggest is to include Cappy during your wrap-up. The puppy/kitten calendar behind you just isn’t enough.

  3. Dave says:

    Anne, he was downstairs snoozing. And that calendar is on October 2010.

  4. sistawoman says:

    LOVED the video blogging but was a little disturbed that the sumo wrestler and Frankenstein both sounded so similar. And the sailor is indeed in need of his sea legs. I hope to see further video entries.

  5. Anne says:

    October 2010? Wait, are these videos from The Past? Who is president? What are the hot stocks? And if it’s not a fez-wearing soccer player, what is it?

  6. sistawoman says:

    George says that all you need is the Indian, the Cowboy and the Biker to make the Lego Village people. I actually thought the sailor could be called Lt. Dan since he’s got no legs but then I remembered that was the Army.

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