They Win

Obama abandons the idea of shutting down Guantanamo Bay. Despite serial lies and fabrications, serial liar and fabricator James O’Keefe all but delivers NPR to the guillotine. Taking a cue from Scott Walker, Other politicians are happily making teachers into budgetary scapegoats. Someone’s mad about college students getting to vote. We all have to make sacrifices, but some have to sacrifice more than others. Unemployment is up, job growth stagnates, but corporate profits are higher than ever and they still bitch about taxes.

I give up.

I no longer harbor any illusions that this country gives a damn about me, about you, about anything except a handful of very wealthy people who want nothing more than to get even wealthier. I see nothing that indicates otherwise. Even Conservatives, Tea Partiers, who seem like they’re getting their way are just dupes, just being thrown idiotic scraps so they’ll go on not minding the corporatism, power-grabbing, and tax breaks, tax breaks, tax breaks.

I’ve had enough. I just don’t give a shit anymore. They win.

Nothing changes, except for the worse. Nothing is gained, only lost. And we’re told that the reason it didn’t work out was because we didn’t try hard enough, was because we set our expectations too high, that we have to face reality.

I threw out religion for telling me similar things.

I’m sorry, I’ve been broken. I just can’t care anymore.

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4 Responses to They Win

  1. David Thiel says:

    Right there with you.

  2. Andrew Weiss says:

    I’m too spiteful to let it go like that.

    This guy had the right idea:

  3. deadlytoque says:

    It’s the same up here in Canada right now. Our government ethics commissioner was forced to resign in a corruption scandal. Our health ministers are bribing doctors to give priority treatment to party donors. Our Prime Minister, mired in antidemocratic politics, has told the national media that they are letting themselves be “distracted” by these issues.

  4. Jonathan Rabb says:

    Agreed 100%